tomato plant on vine

Photo via Ralf Peter Reimann/Flickr

How does your garden grow?

Communal gardens are a great way for neighbors to come together, plant fruits and vegetables, and reap the rewards of their crops. Sometimes neighbors cross the line, though. And what can you do with a shady community member?

Imgur user Gothguyuk has quite the solution: the “bumato.”

The plant’s name is Jeff and he comes from Gothguyuk’s ass. As is often the case when eating cherry tomatoes or any other ripe fruit, the seeds made it all the way from first bite to excrement. Gothguyuk planted the pristine seed and boy, did it grow.

According to Gothguyuk, a greedy neighbor has been harvesting what isn’t his. Now Gothguyuk is hoping that includes bumatoes. “I’ll laugh my face off knowing he’s eating something from my asshole,” the green brown thumbed gardener writes.

What may sound pretty damn disgusting is actually quite the case of being eco-friendly. Farmers and gardening fans often point to manure being used to help plants thrive in soil. Even the small traces of Gothguyuk’s shit on that cherry tomato seed may have helped Jeff thrive more than he would’ve had the seeds come from a store.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gothguyuk to check up on Jeff. The original Reddit post, which came from a friend, has sadly been deleted. Here’s hoping a bum garden subreddit pops up next.

Update 10:40am CT, Aug. 21: This article has been updated to properly attribute Imgur user Gothguyuk as the bumato grower. Redditor CitiesofGold merely posted the Imgur saga to r/WTF.

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