taylor swift fans rushing to get on a subway in atlanta after a concert


‘This is my personal hell’: TikTokers react to video of a crowd of Taylor Swift concert attendees getting on a subway in Atlanta

TikTok commenters compared the scene to horror movies like ‘Dawn of the Dead.’


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

Taylor Swift fans are famously intense, and right now the Eras tour is unleashing them across America. Case in point: This viral TikTok depicting a crowd of Swifties descending on a subway train in Atlanta.

Posted by TikToker @dapharoni, this one-minute clip is accompanied by spooky horror movie music, beginning in a subway car that appears relatively empty. The caption reads, “When the Taylor Swift concert ends at the same time you’re on your way home.”

As the train pulls into a station, we notice a horde of Swifties waiting on the platform outside. Reacting in shock and amusement, a passenger inside the train exclaims “Oh hell no!” as the doors begin to open. Then a flood of post-concert Taylor Swift fans rush onboard, quickly packing the train until there’s barely any room to breathe.

@dapharoni #erastour #swifties #taylorswift #marta ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Going viral to the tune of six million views in less than 24 hours, this TikTok provoked divided reactions.

On the one hand, it illustrates a pretty familiar scene for any train station located near a major sports stadium or concert venue. On the other hand… a lot of people seem to find Swifties very annoying, comparing the scene to a horror movie.

“NPC’s incoming,” reads the top comment, referring to the rather rude trend (originally a far-right meme) of comparing certain people to non-playable characters in a videogame.

Others quipped, “It’s like the scene from Scream 6,” “this could be a scene in swarm,” and “Oh my god it’s like Dawn of the Dead,” describing the crowded subway car as “hell” or “the worst nightmare.”

But other commenters were more forgiving, arguing that this TikTok basically resembled a normal day on public transport in other cities like New York, Boston, or London. “The girl saying wait don’t come on must have never been on NYC subway… it’s a free for all you gotta fight your way out,” reads a typical reaction, with another person writing, “How I feel trying to leave work after a home Dodger game.”

In other words, nobody likes to be stuck on public transport with a loud, sweaty crowd—but this influx of Taylor Swift fans isn’t exactly a unique phenomenon.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dapharoni via TikTok comment.

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