woman dancing in front of goldfish snacks and twix bars


TikTok’s gas station order challenge exposes your weirdest go-to snacks

The gas station challenge is here to remind us that our differences make us whole.


Bryan Rolli

Internet Culture

A new TikTok challenge has users showing off their go-to roadside snacks, with some results more bizarre than others. 

The gas station order challenge has exploded in popularity over the past week, with TikTokers using the “Hot Girl Summer Dice Beat” remix to soundtrack their orders. More than 390,000 TikToks have incorporated the sound, with many of them corresponding to the challenge.


Part of the charm of the gas station order challenge comes from its ramshackle quality. TikTok challenges don’t get much simpler than this. The song’s whimsical flute hook plays as users look at the camera or do a little dance. When the beat drops, they cut to pictures of their favorite snacks. Rocket science, it is not.


If diversity makes the world go ‘round, then the gas station order challenge serves as a reminder of the beauty in humanity. Cheez-Its get a surprising amount of representation; Lays chips are an obvious front-runner. But what about hot pickles? Boiled peanuts? Pocky chocolate sticks? Wonka bars?! 

Then there’s this guy.

And this guy.


In a year fraught with rage, heartache, and dissent, the gas station order challenge might just be the thing to remind us that it’s our differences that make us whole.

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