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These ‘would you date him?’ memes would definitely have you swiping left

Run fast and far, ladies.


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Published Sep 18, 2021   Updated Sep 20, 2021, 10:51 am CDT

Modern dating isn’t for the faint of heart, and the type of guys featured in a sarcastic new “would you date him?” image macro meme will have you swearing on celibacy for life.

According to Know Your Meme, the inspiration for the meme dates back to March 25, 2020, when the clothing apparel company, Boogzel Apparel, posted the following image to social media channels. The image features an imaginary manic pixie dream boy, of sorts, complete with vintage ’90s style, quirky characteristics, and ideal boyfriend qualities with the question: “would you date him?”

Similar to “starter pack” memes, the post quickly went viral with over 26,000 likes to date. In the months that followed, Boogzel Apparel posted a number of similar “would you date him?” image macros with other varieties of impossibly perfect imaginary boyfriends that likewise gained tens of thousands of likes.

However, it wasn’t until September of 2021 that “would you date him?” images became coopted as a meme when people began ridiculing the Boogzel Apparel posts. On September 12, Twitter user @MEASURED_HEAD tweeted a few of the images, writing that they were “viscerally disgusted by each and every one of them.”


As the post went viral, others began pairing the question “would you date him?” with absolutely the worst type of boyfriends. These included racist meatheads with huge dicks and broke lazy punk rockers.

Some people began using the meme to joke about very specific types of guys, such as a literal jester and comedian Nathan Fielder.

Honestly, that last one is the only instance of any of the “would you date him?” memes that we’d say yes to. Call us, Nathan.

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*First Published: Sep 18, 2021, 7:00 am CDT