texas roadhouse employee bringing butter board to table


‘If this is true, I’m quitting my job’: Customer claims they got a ‘butter board’ from Texas Roadhouse

‘It’s actually five 2oz cups of the butter, salt, with local honey drizzled on top.’


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

For the unaware, butter boards are the latest culinary trend to sweep TikTok. The item, which seems to have been introduced to the world by user @justine_snacks, is exactly what it sounds like: a board smeared with butter and decked out with toppings. 

While some publications have dubbed the dish disgusting (the right-wing news and opinion site the Federalist cited the dish as a “sign of the end times”), others have taken to it, creating their own versions of the dish in vegan styles or with other spreads like peanut butter and nutella.

Now, a user has gone viral on TikTok after claiming that chain restaurant Texas Roadhouse is serving butter boards.

“Texas roadhouse now serves butter boards,” user Rachael (@rachaelmetcalf) wrote in a video that now has over 2.9 million views.

@rachaelmetcalf Butter boards at @Texas Roadhouse ♬ original sound – Rachael Metcalf

At first, some users were intrigued.

“That looks amazing!” wrote one user.

“Running not walking to Texas Roadhouse,” agreed another.

However, some took the opposing position.

“No way,” stated a commenter. “If this is true I’m quitting my job.”

“What’s the point of butter boards?” asked a second.

Soon, alleged Texas Roadhouse employees jumped into the comments to express doubt about whether the restaurant is truly serving butter boards.

“No we don’t. Not at my location lol,” a commenter claimed.

“As someone who works at Texas Roadhouse. No. No we don’t have butter boards,” a further user concurred.

So what’s the truth? Does Texas Roadhouse really have butter boards? No, they do not. In the comments, Rachael admitted that she actually made the butter board in the video herself. It’s also not anywhere on the online global menu.

“They don’t. It was just a joke,” she wrote in comments. “It was filmed and made at TRH but I made it at the table and had our amazing server bring it to us for the video. He was 100% down!”

As for the ingredients, she breaks it down in another comment.

“It’s actually five 2oz cups of the butter, salt, with local honey drizzled on top…then I added a few pieces of the roll for looks,” she details.

That said, some shared that this might be a good expansion to the Texas Roadhouse menu.

Update 9am CT, Oct. 13: In an Instagram DM exchange with Daily Dot, Rachael elaborated on why she made the video.

“Butter boards have been a recent TikTok trend and I thought it would be funny to make one of Texas Roadhouse, because who doesn’t love their butter?” she wrote. “My server Brandon was really cool and was totally down to make this video with us.”

After going viral, she says she called the location and shared the good news.

“I called that Texas Roadhouse and talked to my server Brandon the other day to let him know that we had went viral,” she detailed. “At first he didn’t believe it, so I gave him my TikTok to look it up. He was stoked.”

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