Dude masterfully trolls girlfriend who asked for flowers

One Tesco store baked up quite the twist after a woman asked her boyfriend for flowers.

Page-Ellen Williams had requested a floral arrangement, as many significant others do, so she was surprised when a deliveryman from Tesco came to her front door with a dozen packages of flour instead. She took them in after the deliveryman talked with her boyfriend, who insisted the items were not ordered by mistake.

Master punnist or master troll?

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Tesco, perhaps amused by the story, sent her a baking recipe book so she could put all of that flour to good use. Although the gesture seemed to be something straight out of Stranger Than Fiction, Williams posted a screenshot of her boyfriend asking if anyone wanted the flour, showing it might’ve just been a simple mistake.

Facebook/Page-Ellen Williams

Next time, maybe asking for roses might work a little better.

Photo via Paige-Ellen Williams/Facebook

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