women in tactical gear destroying school children's BLM art wall


Video shows ‘Tactical Karen’ destroying children’s BLM art wall outside school

'Imagine hating Black people so much you vandalize a school.'

Oct 21, 2020, 10:08 am*

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Kahron Spearman

“Imagine hating Black people so much you vandalize a school.”

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This comment is under a recent Reddit video showing a "Tactical Karen" destroying a children's Black Lives Matter art wall outside a school in Portland, Oregon.

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In the video, the racist Karen, wearing a small tactical vest and mask, can be seen cutting down children's BLM art. She either clips zip ties holding the artwork to the iron fence or rips the taped art down.

A woman comes out to film her and her accomplice, questioning why she would take down artwork children created.

"I feel bad for your children that you would teach them shit like this," Tactical Karen replies.

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As she responds, a man on a bike rides by the scene. Realizing what's happening, he curses out Tactical Karen, calling her a "fucking bitch."

Another woman tells the videographer to "get the fuck away" as she picks up the art to throw it away.

Tactical Karen was soon identified as Ashley Latay McCauley, a Vancouver, Washington resident. The other woman was identified as Monica Noble. They are both members of the far-right "COPS NW" organization, led by Audra Price. Price, who runs the Facebook group, has been associated with neo-Nazis and tin-foil-hatted followers of QAnon.

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The destruction of the art was part of the group's pro-ICE demonstration.

Protests against police brutality and ICE detention centers took place in Portland throughout the summer. Anxieties intensified Saturday night outside a Portland ICE building, where protesters reportedly assembled at Willamette Park before moving toward the building and surrounding neighborhoods. 

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These protesters have contended with Proud Boys and other far-right, pro-Trump, or pro-police groups throughout the season. These groups and Tactical Karen share one ideological tenet: rallying against anything related to Black Lives Matter.

"It seems to me that 'Blue Lives Matters' or 'All LivMatters' [sic] supporters have evolved this unspoken idea that Black is the new racist," commented u/rondeline on the Tactical Karen video. "They don't care about context, proportionality, rationality, or fucking plain human decency. They now seem collectively like walking dickheads, trading conspiracy theories with each other, while tripping over their overly sensitive indignant selves."

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"It's pathetic."

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2020, 10:06 am