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25 people named Ronald McDonald love Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu

Taco Bell is on top of its social media game.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

If you weren’t aware, Taco Bell is finally serving breakfast nationally today.

We’ve seen all of the promotion. We tried it. We wrote about it. But Taco Bell is pushing the new menu on social media to the point of overexposure—it almost doesn’t matter if people don’t like the tacos.

It’s provided one of the best AMA exchanges we’ve seen in ages between Taco Bell President Brian Niccol and r/trees moderator fritzly.

The company’s latest push? It dropped another ad today with a shocking revelation: Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell’s breakfast menu.

It’s not the iconic clown we’ve come to associate with McDonald’s, but rather, Taco Bell found 25 real-life Ronald McDonalds across the country to make the commercial; at one point, the company located 400 people by that name.

Now that we finally have Taco Bell’s breakfast menu, we can all look forward to the impressive stunts people will try, like with Jamie “The Bear” McDonald, who already consumed 18 taco waffles in six minutes. It’s only a matter of time before Epic Meal Time tries something gluttonously outrageous.

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