The darkly hilarious secret lives of those cute Sylvanian Families toys

Evil brews behind those beady, weird eyes.

Photo via Sylvanian Families

Don’t trust an animal just because it’s cute. Ever.

If you don’t know what Sylvanian Families are, you likely grew up in an underground bunker. Or you were born after 1985. Everyone else remembers them as cute little forest animals in equally cute outfits. 

In fact, their social presence is worth following—thanks to these precious photographs the company captions and posts on its accounts.

Now someone is out to ruin all that with a Twitter account mocking these very same adorable photos. @Sylvnianans is a young parody, but you can smell pure Internet all over it. Whoever’s writing and sending these tweets is a little bit evil, and we’re rather enjoying it.

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There are more delightfully NSFW posts on the actual account, but we’ll make you go find those yourself. And this is just the beginning—we’re sure it’s only going to get better from here. So relish it now before the real Sylvanian Families figures out what’s going on and reports this to the Twitter banhammer gods.

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