Student shows up to Skype interview with Microsoft a month early

Punctuality is important in a workplace, but sometimes being too early can be embarrassing. Laura MacLean, a student at Robert Gordon University in the UK, was so excited for her interview with Microsoft’s University Recruitment team that she showed up a whole month early.

To her credit, MacLean didn’t realize she was a month early, she simply mixed up what month it was.

The Skype interview is scheduled for Feb. 18, 2019, but on Jan. 18, she was totally prepared for her interview.

“All dressed up ready n freaking out for my big skype interview with Microsoft and this happens. possibly the biggest noob on this planet hahahahaha if you don’t laugh you’ll cry,” she said along with screenshots of her conversation with Microsoft.

“When the team emailed back reminding me it was, in fact, January and February was the next month, I quite frankly wanted to disappear into thin air,” she told BuzzFeed News.

People responded on Twitter saying her flub may have actually helped her with getting the job.

One person even said they’ve done something similar and ended up getting the job on the spot.

Microsoft’s jobs account even replied to her tweet with a joke saying, “Can’t wait to laugh about this on the 18th. Of February.”

Here’s hoping the interview goes well in February.

H/t BuzzFeed News

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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