Steve Bannon says Sean Spicer can’t be on camera anymore because he got fat

Over the past few weeks, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s time on camera has noticeably shrunk—but White House counselor Steve Bannon has suggested his waistline has done the opposite.

With Spicer reportedly on the outs with President Donald Trump, the White House has switched a great number of on-camera briefings to off-camera gaggles—a move that has upset the White House Press Corps, who believe the administration is trying to restrict access to information. In an article about the matter for the Atlantic, Bannon spoke with Rosie Gray and gave another reason for the switch-up.

It’s not about restricting a free press. No, not at all. Sean Spicer is no longer on camera only because he gained weight.

Even though Sean Spicer has been Twitter’s punching bag for the better part of half a year, he’s been their punching bag, and they rallied to his defense.

Spicer will reportedly still have a role in the administration as a senior communications adviser. The White House did announce that Spicer would brief the press on camera today at 1:30pm ET.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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