SpyPeople leaves Anonymous

SpyPeople, the Anonymous collective in Latin America that attacked multiple websites last year as part of Operation Safe Roads, has officially separated from Anonymous.

In a press release uploaded onto its blog on January 2, SpyPeople explain that members are leaving Anonymous in order to form an organization with “disciplined leadership” and members.

“This is a departure from the Anonymous mentality, where everyone does as they see fit without efficient leadership,” the release states.

With their new group’s direction SpyPeople plan on addressing human rights and corruption issues in Mexico, through the use of peaceful protests as well as “strategic alliances” with “lawyers, doctors, academics, working groups, celebrities and human right groups.”

The reason for the departure may be related to infighting amongst the group, which is quite common even among Anons in the United States.

“IberoAnon, the lead Anon in Latin America has seemed to stray away from the ideals.  We have decided to leave…”, a representative for SpyPeople Prensa wrote on Twitter in response to another user.

A spokesperson for SpyPeople added today via private message that:

We are leaving because Anonymous in Latin America has lost its way, direction and purpose. We have anons in Latin America doing ops for their benefit and not the collective. Those anons that are bigger refuse to even associate or assist the smaller ones.

Also indiscipline is rampant. Therefore we do not want to be associated with Anonymous. Our organization is different as we have curtailed it to our need.

The spokesperson continued:

The reason for a leader and departmental leaders is so we can have ACCOUNTABILITY which ANONYMOUS does not have.

Also, we want the population to know that when they see SPYPEOPLE it is synonymous with discipline, organization and professionalism.

Right at this moment, we are looking for 3 child molesters from the state of Oaxaca which the authorities are protecting. The national press broke the story but the authorities through corruption are protecting them. This is what we are targeting, HUMAN RIGHT ABUSES brought on by corruption.

The Anonymous members in Mexico have spoken out against Anonymous activities in the past, the most recent being Operation Hiroshima. A spokesperson for Anonymous in Mexico told the Daily Dot the New Years Eve operation is “an abuse of power,” adding “Hackers that are not hacktivistas have no place in our world.”

Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina Eördögh

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