young woman on bed with caption 'my dads song he wrote at 19 baby trending while me at 23 goes to my barista job and posts on tiktok' (l&r) man with winter hat singing into microphone (c)

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‘Not me messing up the lyrics too lmao’: Daughter of Spin Doctors singer can’t believe her dad’s classic song is viral again

‘my dads song he wrote at 19 trending while me at 23 goes to my barista job.’


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Released in 1993, “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors is one of those classic songs that’s inexplicably become a TikTok meme. But for one particular TikToker, this song is more than just a sample. @___yikes__ is the daughter of Spin Doctors lead singer Chris Barron, and she recently went viral for reacting to the track.

“Two Princes” appears on everything from ’90s nostalgia TikToks to cooking tutorials, but @___yikes__ used it to compare herself to her dad’s rock star status.

“my dads song he wrote at 19 baby,” reads the TikTok text. “trending while me at 23 goes to my barista job and goes posts on TikTok.” She added in the caption: “not me messing up the lyrics too lmao.”

The clip has amassed more than 583,000 views.

@___yikes__ not me messing up the lyrics too lmao #spindoctors #chrisbarron #90skids #nyc ♬ Two Princes – Spin Doctors

Viewed more than half a million times in the past month, this TikTok sparked nostalgic comments from Spin Doctors fans… along with some predictable complaints about the passage of time. “I’m so tired of scrolling through TikTok and seeing a totally grown child of someone I thought was still 25,” joked one fan. “I’m so old.”

The Spin Doctors are still around and currently touring the U.S., although they suffered through some internal drama earlier this year. Bassist Mark White (who co-founded the band in 1988) was fired for refusing to get vaccinated. As for lead singer Chris Barron, he’s active on Twitter and already confirmed that @___yikes__ is indeed his daughter Sam Barron, a visual artist.

Responding to comments from Spin Doctors fans, she also posted some vintage polaroids taken by her father, along with some recent photos showing what he looks like now.

@___yikes__ Reply to @thomasgunther31 My dad loved taking polaroids when i was growing up so some old cute ones and new ones!! #greenscreen #spindoctors #nyc ♬ Jimmy Olsen’s Blues – Spin Doctors

Gen-Z kids with celebrity parents are a whole subgenre on TikTok, the funniest example being Francesca Scorsese. Like Sam Barron, she comes across as a normal 20-something—but her TikToks occasionally include cameos from one of the most famous movie directors on earth, her father Martin Scorsese.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @___yikes__ via TikTok comment.

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