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Nintendo unveils the final new character for Super Smash Bros.

It’s Bayonetta, and that’s perfect.


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Nintendo unveiled the final Super Smash Bros. Direct on Tuesday. After this, no new major announcements for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will be coming.

The first major announcement was that Corrin, the main character from Fire Emblem: Fates would be joining the battle. Fates is out in Japan, and will be coming to the West next summer.

This comes as a surprise, as there are already five other characters from the Fire Emblem series in Smash. Corrin, like Wii Fit Trainer, can change gender. Meaning you can play as male Corrin or female Corrin. Corrin is a sword-wielding character, but it isn’t her main form of attack. She mainly uses kicks and other specials specific to Fire Emblem. She can also launch a stun attack, much like Zero Suit Samus.

Corrin is set to launch in February.

One of the major announcements from last month’s Nintendo Direct was that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII would be joining the fight.

Cloud will obviously be using his giant Buster Sword, but can also be adorned with the costume from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Cloud can also charge up for a Limit Break to attack. Limit Break can only be used once, but increases the attack and/or changes the properties for all of his attacks. 

Also announced was the Midgar stage, which fans know from Final Fantasy VII. The stage itself looks like a clone of battlefield, but will have random hazards, ultimately making its tournament viability null. Hazards include Final Fantasy bosses causing havoc and the stage splitting in half.

Cloud and the Midgar stage will be joining the fight later today for $6.99.

But everyone has been waiting for the final challenger to be unveiled for Smash. Although Corrin was just announced, we had a feeling the final unveil couldn’t be another Fire Emblem character.

And we were right. To everyone’s surprise, the final character joining Smash will be Bayonetta.

It makes sense that Bayonetta would be coming to Smash. Although the first Bayonetta was originally only released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Nintendo helped in funding its sequel and published the excellent Bayonetta 2 for Wii U. Earlier this year Nintendo also opened up the polls to ask fans which character they would like to see added to Smash. Bayonetta was the No. 1 choice in Europe, within the top five in North America, and was the No. 1 pick worldwide.

Bayonetta brings with her some new moves for Smash. Much like in her games, she will have guns adorned on her hands and legs for long-distance attacking. She’s a very kick-heavy character and can use her Witch Time to slow down an opponent as a counter. Unlike any other Smash character, Bayonetta can use her up-B twice, giving her an extremely powerful recovery, and can also act as a finisher.

A Bayonetta stage was also announced, the Umbra Clock Tower. It’s a flat stage that that has an appearing platform. It looks flashy, but could prove difficult for tournament play. 

New Amiibo’s for Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta will be released. No release date was given. Nintendo didn’t unveil any new balance changes or other patches. Considering that three new fighters have been added, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo continues to patch the game to keep fights balanced.

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