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This animated sloth will tell you just what you need to hear to go to sleep

Could it really be this easy?

Feb 29, 2020, 10:33 am*

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David Britton 

David Britton

We’ve all had trouble falling asleep.

Sometimes it’s because we had too much caffeine late in the day. Sometimes it’s because the next episode of House of Cards is calling our name. Sometimes the futility of the struggle to survive despite our being doomed to die and be forgotten in a universe that is billions of years old hits you all at once, and you have to watch another episode of House of Cards.

No matter the reason, if you wake up asking yourself “Why did I stay up so late?” there’s a little friend who wants to help. His name is Sleep Sloth, and he has a secret for you.

What is this secret? Well, as anyone who’s seen City Slickers will tell you, “That’s what you gotta figure out.”

You see, Sleep Sloth—and his creator Tim Manley—believe that, in order to go to sleep, we all need to hear something. What we need to hear varies from person to person, but each of us has something we need to be told, and we can’t do it ourselves. So who better to do it than an adorable little mammal hanging from a cartoon tree branch?

In the name of science, I decided to give Sleep Sloth a try. All I need to do is type whatever I need to hear in the little box and my new friend will say it right back to me, like the therapist I’ve always wanted.

Here goes nothing:

Nice! I mean, I’m not really any sleepier, but I do feel a bit better. It seems like this could be useful for a lot of people.

It seems like Manley might be onto something. Sleep Sloth knows exactly what we need to hear, because we tell it. Who knew a good night’s rest was so easy to obtain?

Screengrab via Sleep Sloth

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*First Published: Mar 8, 2016, 4:05 pm