skunk family

Screengrab via Francois Arsenault/YouTube


There are plenty of animals that would be terrifying to come across while out in the wild. Mountain lions, bears, wolves—and that’s just the beginning of the list. 

But there’s nothing quite as horrifying as a family of skunks coming straight at you, full speed.

While out cycling, Francois Arsenault noticed the group of stinkers traveling closely packed, like a single furry ball of possible putridness. He paused on his bike to film the encounter, and thankfully all they did when they got to him was make a bunch of cute noises and investigate his shoe. Then they moved right along, reserving their squirts of nightmare smells for some actual threat.

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The video was originally posted in July 2015, but it’s making the rounds again.

Thinking about it, the crew of skunks is kind of cute. But smelling like them? Most definitely not. 

H/T Reddit

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