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Pinterest’s invite-only platform Shuffles is Gen Z’s new favorite app

The platform inspires creativity over competition.


Catherine Shuttleworth

Internet Culture


This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

If you haven’t heard of Shuffles already, it’s about to become unavoidable. Shuffles is the latest app from Pinterest that was first released on the App Store in August. In a short time, it has garnered mass popularity amongst Gen Z users—despite the app currently being invite only.

Shuffles is a collaging app that connects to your Pinterest account, allowing you to create collages using pins on your boards. You can also search for pictures, add images from your camera roll, and use pre-made cutouts. You can post your completed collages, allowing other users to like, comment, share, and “reshuffle” your collage. Similar to TikTok, there is a “For You Page” that becomes more refined the more you create and interact in the app. You can also view trending collages as well as recent uploads.

As part of Gen Z myself, my phone has been flooded with friends trying to find invite codes to Shuffles and social media users with access gushing about how much they love the app. So why has the app gained so much attention already, despite still being in beta?

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