Drone captures mesmerizing footage of dogs herding sheep

If you’ve ever imagined an idyllic life as a farmer or rancher, prepare to have your every animal herding dream realized. In a video uploaded by YouTuber Tim Whittaker, you can see footage of a dog herding sheep, as seen by a drone in the air. It’s surprisingly cool looking.

The video is mesmerizing. The overhead drone offers a terrific view of the herd of sheep on a macro scale. They move similarly to a school of fish or a flock of birds but with adorable baa-ing sounds in the background as they run over green hillsides. Perhaps helping them move this way, Sheep have a 300-degree field of vision, which means they can see beside and behind themselves without needing to turn their heads.

The video was captured in Rangitikei, New Zealand. The island nation is known for its sheep farming: New Zealand has a human population of more than 4.6 million and a sheep population of nearly 30 million, so there are roughly six sheep per person in the country. (At one point, the stat was closer to 20 sheep per person, but that’s not true these days.) But with 1 billion sheep on the planet, New Zealand still has a sizable percentage of the world’s sheep population.

H/T Gizmodo

Christina Bonnington

Christina Bonnington

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