New Yorkers panic after popular food delivery service goes down

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Photo via gabrielsaldana/Flickr

Without Seamless, the city plunged into darkness.

Everyone knows that New Yorkers can’t cook. OK, sure, some manage to heat up some frozen Trader Joe’s mini tacos or boil water for ramen, but the city folk just love ordering takeout.

And so Thursday night, chaos erupted when popular food delivery service Seamless went dark. Those looking forward to ordering some sesame chicken to their doorstep after a long day at work were forced to find alternate means for satisfying their bellies.

People understandably panicked. They would have to leave the house to get food? Or call a restaurant to put in an order? Were we back in the Dark Ages or something?

An undetermined number of New Yorkers starved Thursday night, unable to get out of the apartment to the Chipotle down the street. Meanwhile, some took it upon themselves to help solve the problem—or at least find someone to fix it for them.

Yeah Mayor De Blasio, why the hell weren’t you jumping to remedy this public crisis? 

But this whole situation brings us full circle to the fact that New Yorkers were generally unconcerned with the several explosives that were found around the city earlier this week. Because a Seamless outage is definitely a more horrifying.

Stay strong, New York City. 

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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