Mom's hilarious picture day fail goes viral.

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People love this mom’s hilarious school picture day fail

'I was laughing so hard I was crying.'


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Published Oct 8, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 4:39 am CDT

School picture day can be one of the most stressful for a parent. But when one Pennsylvania mom, Laura Pyle, let her daughter Addison pick her photo outfit, a silly mistake turned into a hilarious—and now viral—story.

It started as a photo day like any other.

“She wanted to curl her hair, so I woke her up a little early and we just spent some mommy and me time doing her hair,” Pyle told the Daily Dot. “We agreed that she could wear her special necklace for pictures that my mother had selected for her before she passed away from cancer when Addison was just 1.”

The first grader also chose to wear a green dress with sequins.

Addison Pyle school picture
Laura Pyle

Pyle said the family got ready and quickly snapped a photo in the school drop off line to send a picture to Addison’s dad “who works long hours and wasn’t able to see her that day.” It didn’t occur to her that Addison’s green dress could possibly blend in with the green screen background—until she received the photo proofs in an email.

She shared the hilarious results in a Facebook post. “Y’all. THIS IS THE BEST FUCK UP I HAVE EVER DONE,” she wrote.

“I dropped my phone, I was laughing so hard I was crying,” Pyle said. “I thought they were absolutely hilarious and had to screenshot several and send to my husband.”

She said her favorite photos are a toss-up between Addison’s shirt blending into the wheat field or the American flag. “The sequins on her dress really make the wheat field shimmer,” she said.

Addison Pyle school pictures
Laura Pyle
Addison Pyle school pictures
Laura Pyle

She had planned to keep the photos to herself until her friends asked her to make them public.

“I didn’t think anyone would really care,” Pyle said. “And now it has almost 11k shares.” As of this writing, her Facebook post has more than 13,000 likes, too.

In a blog post about the whole ordeal, Pyle wrote that she had “never messed up anything so brilliantly.”

“Addy’s photos perfectly fit her Addy-tude,” she wrote, “and our entire family cannot help but laugh over how amazing and hilarious they are.”

Laura Pyle

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*First Published: Oct 8, 2018, 9:43 pm CDT