Dads at One Direction shows get an even more depressing soundtrack

There are very few things that can make something even more depressing almost instantly, but “Mad World” is one of them.

Angelina Castillo’s photos of a One Direction concert in Nashville took off last month after her photographs of the unsung heroes of that concert, the countless sad dads who took their children to see the popular British band perform out of love, went viral. The sight is a familiar one, even if it wasn’t at a 1D concert; many of our dads (including mine) may have worn the same exact expression at an *NSYNC concert more than a decade ago.

Thanks to a suggestion from a redditor, these dads are getting the moving and fitting tribute they deserve from Jeremy Y. The concert may be a few hours they’ll never get back, but they will be remembered.

We salute them for their efforts. Your sons and daughters will remember this for years to come.

H/T Uproxx | Screengrab via Jeremy Y./YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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