Russian phone thief messes with the wrong woman

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The video of the encounter has collected 94,000 views—and 98 comments calling it a fake.

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YouTube commenters are some of the worst on the Internet—people who’d rather share racist non sequiturs and obscene outbursts instead of typing one reasonable opinion.

That’s unless these same commenters smell a fraud.

Since Sunday, the YouTube community has been dissecting a grainy security camera video from a Russian subway. It shows a woman having her phone stolen and giving the perpetrator her best Kill Bill impression while subway riders look on. 


The video of the encounter has collected 94,000 views—and 98 comments calling it a fake.

“Its a good fake/staged performance, CCTV [closed circuit television] cameras in a location like this would be mounted pretty much flush against the wall or it’d get knocked off by now,” Alex Motard commented. “I’ve lived in Moscow. He drops down to his knees without grabbing his crotch in painguys don’t do that. As he’s wiggling in “pain” no one checks on him … or arrests himRussians would do that.”

In May a shotgun-wielding robber in New Orleans befell a similar fate after his victim stared down the barrel of the gun, dropped his phone, and took the firearm, all in one motion.

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