BBC interview little childre: Robert Kellys kids crash interview

Screengrab via Phillip Lewis/Twitter

2 adorable kids photobomb dad during BBC interview about North Korea

The speaker is an expert in both geopolitics and swatting at babies.


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Posted on Mar 10, 2017   Updated on May 24, 2021, 9:11 pm CDT

Over the past month, North Korea has become a particular vexing menace to the world community. The nation is always saber-rattling, but its actions of late have provided real cause for concern. Adding to all that, the president of South Korea was just removed from office, threatening regional stability.

What a dour subject, so thank everything for Robert Kelly’s children.

In a segment on the BBC about the impeachment of Park Geun-hye and how North Korea might react, they provided much-needed levity to the regional expert’s analysis.

First, one comes in and he tries to arm bar them away. But the kids keep coming as another enters the room.

Finally, an unidentified woman enters the picture and attempts to frantically corral them to only middling success.

But the question remains? Why did Kelly remain so rigid throughout?

Probably because he was in his undies, is everyone’s best guess.

Kelly himself has been relatively silent on the matter, only commenting to thank someone who appreciated his deft analysis.

And we appreciate you.

Update 2:00pm ET March 10: Per the Daily Mail, the unidentified woman in the video is Kelly’s wife, Jung-a Kim.

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*First Published: Mar 10, 2017, 11:32 am CST