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How a parody news site brought Rob Ford and Charlie Sheen together

Sheen made the mistake that many make when reading an article on a website like the Onion: He took it as fact.


Michelle Jaworski

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Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has an unlikely ally in Tiger Blood–drinking actor Charlie Sheen. All it took was a satirical newspaper to claim that Sheen called for Ford’s resignation.

Ford has been in the news almost daily since he admitted to smoking crack at the beginning of November. He’s also admitted to purchasing illegal drugs and driving under the influence, denied allegations of infidelity, and apologized for his actions and using crude language. But he’s refused to resign.

The article, published Wednesday in the Daily Currant, said that Sheen, who has had problems with drugs in the past, told a reporter from the Montreal paper La Presse that Ford needed help.

However, Sheen made the mistake that many make when reading an article on a website like the Onion: He took it as fact.

Slamming the article on Twitter, he also took the opportunity to reach out to Ford in an open letter, a favorite mode of communication these days.

dear Mayor Rob Ford,

the only truth or correct reporting in today’s 

repulsive story regarding

my alleged comments about you,

is the accurate spelling of your great city.

your personal life is and never would be,

any of my business.

I’m sorry for any grief this may have caused.

if I can be of any assistance 

in any capacity in this 

media cesspool,

please accept the noble offer of my steady

hand and compassionate heart.


charlie sheen.

Unlike Sinead O’Connor’s open letters, which were full of tough-love advice, Sheen sounds understanding and sincere. However, some people couldn’t help but see the irony:

When you’re the Mayor of a major city and Charlie Sheen offers you a “steady hand” you may ask yourself if you ought to resign.

— wise_kaplan (@wise_kaplan) November 14, 2013

I was just thinking this whole Rob Ford psycho circus is worse than Charlie Sheen’s meltdown… Then came this gem.

— David K (@SpacemanSpiffNL) November 14, 2013

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