Woman in sunglasses in car caption ' Well duh. They invited influencers. Nobody knows who you are. They're gonna make you move' (l) Campfire near water caption 'right before Kim K kicked us out of this shady, chill spot at revolve' (c) Woman in glasses caption 'revolve paid out the ass to have her there, revolve would have made you move anyways so she got the spot' (r)

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Festival-goer says Kim Kardashian kicked her out of spot at Revolve Festival

‘They don’t have the right to bully people just because they’re celebrities.’


Charlotte Colombo

Internet Culture

A TikTok by a festival-goer claiming Kim Kardashian stole her spot at Revolve Festival has gone viral on the app as the event continues to receive backlash.

The eight-second clip showed a tranquil spot at the invite-only California festival, which was started by clothing brand Revolve in 2015 and coincides with Coachella. The caption accompanying the clip reads, “much love to your photoshoot.” The video has been viewed over 3 million times.

Revolve Festival took place on April 16 and 17, and it attracted many celebrities and influencers, including Kim Kardashian. But some attendees had a less than stellar experience, comparing it to the disorganized 2017 Fyre Festival.

User @lizoodell, who posted the clip, also posted a number of “storytime” TikToks, wherein she said that the reality TV star kicked out approximately 300 people from the whole “top area” of the festival in order to get a picture by the pool. In a TikTok comment, the user claimed a security guard kicked her out of the spot on Kardashian’s behalf.

However, according to the user, Kim didn’t even end up using pictures of the area she kicked people out from. “This was just her own fear,” the user added in another comment. “She wanted everyone who was invited out so no one would bother but like we wouldn’t.”

A number of commenters supported the user, lambasting Kardashian for being “entitled.” “Just cause she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she can just kick people out of [their] spot. She’s still human just like the rest of us,” one user wrote. Another added, “They don’t have the right to bully people just because they’re celebrities.”

But a lot of commenters also disagreed with the user, saying that given the exclusive, VIP nature of Revolve, security guards putting celebrity guests first shouldn’t be a surprise. “Well, duh. They invited influencers. Nobody knows who you are. They’re gonna make you move,” one commenter said. “I mean, I don’t know what ya’ll expect,” another added. “The whole event is for exposure, and photographing celebs at their event brings in exposure, you don’t.”

This led to the user defending their decision to attend the festival in a further TikTok, saying that although Revolver is usually invite-only for celebrities and influencers, certain portions of the event have always been open to the public.

“Back in the day, these kind of areas in the entire venue was open for all, and that’s why we were all sitting there,” she explained. “So, for her to come and kick everyone out of the area where you’re all allowed to be in is, like, not how it used to be, unfortunately.”

The ensuing debate in the comment section of the user’s TikTok led to criticism about some people’s attitudes toward celebrities. “This comment section seems like they enjoy feudalism and classism,” one commenter wrote. “This comment section did not pass the vibe check,” another added.

The Daily Dot was unable to independently verify the TikToker’s claims.

A representative for Kim Kardashian and the TikToker did not immediately respond to The Daily Dot’s request for comment via email and Instagram direct message, respectively.

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