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Something isn’t quite right here.

Typically, the only time we see news reports hilariously interrupted is when a horse gallops by in the background (or, in some cases, a unicorn). Chicago TV reporter Jay Levine had a much different encounter.

On April 2, Levine was reporting on President Obama’s attendance at a DNC fundraiser in Chicago’s River North neighborhood when he was suddenly—and violently—interrupted by a nearby protester who tried to wrestle the microphone from his hand.

“Obama’s a war criminal!” the protester shouted over and over.

While the CBS feed immediately cut away from Levine’s live shot to B-roll footage, Mary Ann Ahern, a reporter with Chicago’s NBC affiliate, was giving her own report nearby and managed to capture the scuffle. Mounted police can be seen quickly rushing to Levine’s aid and subduing the protester, who continued yelling in the background.

As he closed his report, Levine, ever the patriot, mentioned the incident, noting “I’ve gotten a little reinforcement from one of the protesters who decided to speak his mind on live TV; obviously, that is his right to do.”

Perhaps next time the protester should wear a horse mask.

Screengrab via YouTube

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