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Redditor gets broken up with for being too good at sex

Wait, what?


Siobhan Ball

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Posted on Aug 16, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 6:13 am CDT

Reddit Relationships has seen a whirlwind of relationship stories, some falling in the horror genre, some in the comedy genre. But this one, in particular, might be a new one: A man broke up with his girlfriend for being way too good at sex. Wait, what?

The story begins with a 19-year-old female redditor explaining that she had been dating her 20-year-old boyfriend–who she met in college–for a year. Both of whom were virgins, so they took things slowly until they were sure about their love for one another. One day, when they felt ready, they had sex.

Only after, her boyfriend asked if she was really a virgin because she “was too good.” She told him she “didn’t lie” and was, in fact, a virgin.

“I just watched some educational videos and practiced on my own. Since then, he’d get weird during sex. Like if I did something good, he’d say it felt good and then his face would change like he was thinking. Now I know he was questioning if I really was a virgin,” she wrote.

He later broke up with her after one sexual act seemed to push him over the edge. “I was riding him and he said I act like a porn star,” the redditor wrote. He accused her of being with other guys and believes she lied to him, even though she told him she didn’t.

“Never thought I’d be dumped for being too good at sex. It just really sucks bc we had sex bc we thought we’d be long term and we broke up already. I want him back. I know he’s just being paranoid. How do I tell him that I wasn’t lying?” the redditor asked.

She later posted a “quick update,” saying that her boyfriend texted her, apologizing, and now they are back together.

My (19F) boyfriend (20M) broke up with me because I’m too good at sex from relationship_advice

Only, the other redditors thought “not so quick” and took some time to hate on the boyfriend, with many citing toxic masculinity.

“It’s probably about how he feels less ‘manly’ about himself, and that is 100% his fault–not yours. It’s manipulative, toxic, and borderline abusive to use his affection as a weapon to hold over your head every single second,” one responded.

Others echoed similar sentiments.

“It sounds like the guy wants to lead in bed and felt less masculine and insecure when OP did stuff on her own initiative,” another wrote.

Some thought that perhaps he, himself, was a cheater.

“Projection. Cheaters always think everyone else is a cheater b/c if other people aren’t like them, then they have to confront the fact that they are shitty,” a redditor responded.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that she needs to ditch the “insecure baby,” as one redditor put it.


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*First Published: Aug 16, 2019, 8:17 pm CDT