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Redditor can only have sex while listening to black metal 

And it's ruining his sex life.

Jul 22, 2019, 6:32 pm

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Siobhan Ball 

Siobhan Ball

A 23-year-old-man turned to Reddit for advice on his sex life. His problem? He can’t have sex without bumping black metal.

“My new girlfriend doesn’t like that kind of music, and I believe I have a pavlovian response to my music. I cannot get aroused without my music,” he wrote in the “Personal Issues” subreddit. “What do you think I should do?”

He says his previous sexual partners didn’t care about what kind of music was on, but his 25-year-old girlfriend does.

“Some of them enjoyed that kind of music and some had no preference,” he wrote. “One was deaf, so I don’t think she cared either.”

But, his girlfriend likes to listen to “Midwest Emo bands that aren’t really from the Midwest.”

“No problem for me, I really enjoy that kind of music. However my dick did not,” he wrote.

To appease both himself and his girlfriend, he tried to have sex with AirPods in so that he could listen to his black metal.

“AirPods in, music on, and dick hard,” he wrote of the “genius plan.”

Even though people are having sex with AirPods in at an ever-increasing rate, his girlfriend was not OK with it.

the now-deleted Reddit post was later reposted on Twitter.

The redditor might have made it seem like his girlfriend is unwilling to compromise in his original post. However, he later admitted that he was actually just too embarrassed to tell her the truth.

“I am a little scared of what she will think of me if I tell her but I think that is what I have to do,” he wrote in response to another redditor.

Others gave him practical suggestions for changing his er, habits.

While it might seem like a fairly unique problem, another user reported having a similar one.

Everyone was kind and helpful on Reddit. Twitter users, however, were not.

A lot of people were distracted by how the redditor spoke about sex.

At least one user’s day was made by reading the story, so at least some good came out of the whole mess.


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*First Published: Jul 22, 2019, 6:32 pm