The best worst commercials ever

On link-sharing site Reddit, discussions are kind of like a petri dish: toss in something the locals find tasty, sit back, and watch what grows.

So when redditor sketchampm wrote “I present to you, the worst commercial ever,” and linked to a 1993 commercial by Chicago-based Eagle Insurance, other Reddit users didn’t disappoint.

Scrounging their collective memories and the wonders of YouTube, they assembled well over a dozen of the worst commercials the world may have ever seen.

Below, we present the best of the worst:

Eagle Insurance, Chicago Illinois: The commercial that started it all. As redditor Frdl said: “A little longer, and it could have been one of the best pornos ever.”

Frankie and Johnny’s Furniture in New Orleans: Is Frankie the true inspiration for the Twin Peaks dwarf, and his dance?

Flee Market Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama — Because “It’s just like, it’s just like a mini-mall.”

Billy Fucillo, Syracuse, NY (for this Central New Yorker, the most egregious of all):

Silenced_is_Foo pointed to a 2006 commercial that’s not so much funny, as sad: A real estate agent creepily urges a husband to pay for a house he can’t afford — hello, housing crisis!

And finally, Action Jackson of Action Jackson Furniture in Mesa, Arizona shows why it’s important to remember that mattresses do, indeed, have springs:

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

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