This man would apparently rather lose his girlfriend than wash his hands after he pees

Once again, break up with him!


Siobhan Ball

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Posted on Jul 1, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 9:32 am CDT

Thanks to Twitter, we already know the dedication some people have to not washing bits of themselves. Now Reddit Relationships, that den of terrible men and the women who are for some reason determined to love them, has brought us a new addition to the hall of shame.

A doctor—yes you read that right, he’s a doctor—who not only refuses to wash his hands after using the bathroom but who would rather break up with his partner than start doing it. Apparently, he believes his “hygiene is immaculate,” that he’s a clean person,” and giving up his repulsive habit would be “changing his autonomy,” so he’d rather be single than give in. The poor woman tried to accept partial responsibility for the conflict, saying “it takes two to tango,” but girl, no. He loves being covered in urine more than you—run for the hills.

The Reddit post, inexplicably, had quite a few people trying to defend his point of view.

I dont get most people here,” one user wrote. “I use soap under the shower and if I have to cook, except for those moments I never use soap. The idea that its filthy is ridiculous, everyone who is saying that its filthy not to use soap, do you use gloves to open Doors? Do you wash after opening Doors? Because thats almost just as filthy.”

“So you basically laid down an ultimatum, hidden as a ‘hypothetical,’ and now are upset that he didn’t bite,” another user said. “Using these types of ultimatums is super immature honestly.”

Fortunately, everyone else on the thread was rightfully horrified, by him and by his grody defenders.

“I cannot believe there are whole adult human men on this thread trying to defend not properly washing your hands after peeing,” said one user. “Also to the OP, your boyfriend is the reason why hospitals get MRSA outbreaks.”

He is dating you, a young woman 11 years his junior, because he thinks you’ll put up with his shit,” another user said. “Now that you’re not, he’s reacting badly. Guy’s a joke.”

Though not all age gap relationships are like this, quite a few older men choose to date much younger women so they can control them or steamroller their boundaries. Given this man’s bizarre hill to die on, it seems like he might be one of them, and a fair number of people seem to agree.

Fortunately, the disgusted have outnumbered the defenders, especially now the post has jumped to Twitter where the plague doctor is being ripped to shreds.

Some people have very legitimate concerns, not just about this man’s patients but the state of healthcare in general.

There were some truly inspired solutions.

And the very legitimate suggestion that he be reported to the licensing board.

The chorus of “break up with him!” was, as always, deeply satisfying.

Wash your damn hands. It’s not that hard. Especially if you’re a doctor!


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*First Published: Jul 1, 2019, 11:25 am CDT