Redditors ponder a Hollywood boycott in Tuesday’s Reddit Digest

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  • Should Reddit install a clock to display how much time you spend logged in to the site? Sounds like it should be a new feature in the next Reddit Enhancement Suite. Or maybe not: “This would be very useful information for my wife when she divorces me later on,” Newshoe writes. (r/askreddit)

  • Anti-piracy legislation is largely sponsored by Hollywood, so why don’t redditors launch a boycott of the movie and music industries? Why boycott, baba8484 says, when there are much better ways to hurt the industry? (Think: Netflix.) (/r/politics)

  • Should a small group of moderators be in control of the largest subreddits? Redditor yourdadsbff says no: “It just seems to run counter to reddit’s egalitarian spirit to have someone moderating more than one large subreddit at a time.” (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

  • Why don’t people have blue hair? Or pink hair? The answer, it turns out, is kind of complex. (/r/askscience)

  • Remember the controversy from last month in Reddit’s marijuana community? Various companies we’re giving the r/trees founder commissions based on purchases through his sidebar links. It was completely against Reddit’s terms of service. Worse, the companies were expecting their money to go to a charity, which didn’t exist. Well, good on Vapeworld, one of the companies inadvertently invovled in the scam. They’re giving the $1,023 they owe cinsere back to r/trees in the form of free products. (/r/trees)

  • Should hospitals keep doors and windows open, so that good pathogens can launch a war on bad pathogens? /r/science readers call hogwash on a scientist who thinks so. (/r/science)

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

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