Is Reddit like a city-state?


Redditors debate the favorite metaphor of Reddit’s new CEO, Yishan Wong.

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  • Is Reddit really like a city state? That was the preferred metaphor new CEO Yishan Wong employed during his AMA Friday, as he tried to describe his guiding philosophy for the site. But Redditor blackstar9000 says that analogy is wrong: Reddit’s more like proto-feudalism, he says. Others say the whole debate is pointless: Reddit is like Reddit. (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

  • Here’s an interesting question: “Do we lose memories, or only the ability to access them?” That’s apparently a hotly contested question within the field of memory research, according to redditor hjack. “However,” the redditor writes, “the simple answer to your question is that a loss of memory is usually a loss in ability to access that memory.” (/r/askscience)

  • Did you hear about the meteor that exploded over central California Sunday morning? Redditor Bodie1550 was there and posted immediately to Reddit. It didn’t take long for others to provide sound advice: “[You should know] genuine meteor rock can go for $100s per gram,” mamjjasond writes. “GET OUT THERE and find that ish!” (/r/astronomy)

  • Want to learn how to rake in the link karma? Check the account overview for redditor _repost_, who provides a solid roadmap: repost, repost, repost. At r/TheoryOfReddit, huskerfan4life520 calls the redditor a “walking parody of r/funny and r/pics.” “That’s the point,” _repost_ replies. (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

  • Ever wonder what it takes to become a master at arcade games like skeeball? This AMA, from a guy who estimates he makes about $50 an hour on similar games, is a lot of fun. (/r/iama).

  • I cannot wait until someone makes this: a bionic eye that can see the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. Your brain could probably adjust to the new input, according to redditor atomfullerene. (/r/askscience)

  • Redditor Clairex might be interested in that bionic eye. She is completely colorblind and sees everything in grayscale. “I do feel that sometimes my lack of colour actually Increases my perception of aesthetic beauty in the world, like some colour combinations that would look horrible to regular people look lovely to me,” she writes. (/r/iama)

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