Reddit’s r/behindthegifs puts your favorite wacky GIFs in context


Screengrab via PowerModz/YouTube

Ever wonder why everyone was kicking that trashcan?

Part of what makes gifs so glorious is their total lack of context. It makes them funnier, more versatile to use as a part of conversation when you can apply your own context.

But if you’ve ever really wanted to know the true story behind your favorite GIFs, look no further than Reddit‘s r/behindthegifs.

Take, for instance, this trashcan with a rather unpopular opinion:

Or this one, about an ambitious turtle.

A lot of the submissions are dominated by one user, KatSwenski, who took a multi-GIF approach to solving the dumpster fire that is 2016.

Swenski also made this one, about a robot scorned.

All of Swenski’s comics are viewable on her website, where she also takes commissions.

But the inspiration for the subreddit started with a simple premise.

And now it’s become a way to explain the unexplainable.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Swenski about her impressive GIF backstories and is awaiting a response.

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