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Dabble in the world of real estate investing with the help of this training

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Let’s face the facts here: Adulting is HARD. So many bills to pay, plants to grow, families to feed (that includes your pets), and investments to––but no one ever tells you how to do it. They say you have to diversify your investments to gain financial success, but the question is, HOW?

Believe it or not, there is an investment you can make that will take only 17 hours of your time to get you like Rich Uncle Pennybags—real estate investment. And don’t start with the argument that it’s just for the affluent. Real estate investing can be as simple as the monopoly game where you can just sit back and collect all that cha-ching for yourself, but only if you know how it all works.

With all the nuggets you can reap from the Fundamentals of Real Investment Bundle, you can enter the world of real estate and start making profitable investments. It includes five expert-led courses that will familiarize you with real-life Monopoly. Here’s a sneak peek:

Pre-Investing: Before Investing in Real Estate

Before you start playing the game, you first need to know the game. This is your manual for real-life Monopoly: taking you through the foundations of real estate, teaching you all the 101s of investing; from evaluating residential and commercial real estate opportunities to identifying and mitigating risks. It’s basically your primer before you enter the field.

Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Analysis

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, it’s time to get to know the players. In this course, you’ll see different techniques of professionals when dealing, as well as how to master them. From flips and flops to rental income properties, you’ll have a deeper understanding of a slew of investment opportunities that you can dabble in.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis

After having a full grasp of the fundamentals and techniques, the next phase is to discover how it’s all applied in the real world. This course will take you through the crucial first steps toward understanding commercial real estate via offering a detailed view of different IRL case studies, so you’ll know how to do it like the pros.

How to Invest with Partners in Real Estate

You now know the game, the players, and how it all works in the real world. What’s next? Oh, it’s about time you check on your teammates and how to best work with them. Everyone contributes differently to the game and through this course, you will see different frameworks on how you can split profits and use milestones to calculate equity.

How to Analyze a Wholesale Deal in Real Estate

In this course, you will get introduced to the concept of analyzing wholesale deals. You’ll know the proper steps you need to take to evaluate deals, get up to speed with pitching to buyers and investors, and learn how to access a custom-built calculator to help speed up the evaluation process.

For a limited time, you can gain access to these five courses for only $25.

Price subject to change. 

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