A TikTok user is calling on all ‘musical theater nerds’ to help him produce ‘Ratatouille’ the musical

After millions hopped on the trend, one user is getting serious.


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Posted on Nov 16, 2020   Updated on Nov 16, 2020, 3:03 pm CST

It’s no doubt that the 2007 film Ratatouille is one of the most widely beloved and well-known movies Disney has released in recent history. The movie is loved so much so, that the film has recently been getting its own broadway treatment on social media. 

A new trend is going viral on TikTok in which users have come together to compose an entire musical for the film, complete with musical numbers, scenes, and all.

Over the past few weeks, many have taken to the app to create TikToks showing off their artistic and theatrical skills through the creation of choreographed scenes, original artwork, and set design. 


#Duet with @fettuccinefettuqueen Thank you for the amazing song! Here’s the scene to match! #ratatouillethemusical #stagemodel #theater #setdesign

♬ original sound – Shoebox Musicals

The trend became widely popular over the past month, with many joining in to create videos under the hashtag #ratatouillethemusical. The hashtag has since blown up, gaining over 6.8 million views and counting.

The trend’s popularity even prompted one user to create a video calling on users to virtually audition and be a part of the creation of a full-scale TikTok musical.

Michigan-based actor Josh Abram, who owns the @ratatoulliethemusical account, uploaded a video in late October calling “all musical theatre nerds” to help him make the musical a reality. 

“There’s been so many brilliant ideas about this musical on this platform, and it needs to happen,” the user stated in the video. 

The Tiktoker encouraged interested users to like the video and follow the account, or send him an email at RatatouilleTheTikTokMusical@gmail.com

The call-out video has gained over 944,000 views, prompting the user to upload a second video two days later in response to all the widespread support and questions the project idea has received. 

In the video, the user also addressed some frequently asked questions about the project, stating that for now, the user hopes to “workshop on Tiktok” with the first round of auditions taking place virtually through the app.

“Simply tag us in your video and use the appropriate hashtag given,” the user stated, additionally mentioning further plans and hopes to “expand the musical” outside of the app in the future. 

In the meantime, many users have already begun uploading their submissions, which have included musical numbers, choreography, collaborative work, and everything in between.


Anton Ego’s chilling solo, when he is served the title dish #ratatouille #ratatouillemusical

♬ original sound – RJ Christian
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*First Published: Nov 16, 2020, 2:51 pm CST