psychic speaking with caption 'Actor Bill Paxton made an impromptu appearance in this weeks podcast to share future vision that there is a disaster that's set to occur' (l) Oceangate Titan taking to the water (c) psychic speaking with caption 'Actor Bill Paxton made an impromptu appearance in this weeks podcast to share future vision what he's showing me is some errors of judgement and the construction'

@gemmalonsdaleguru/TikTok OceanGate Expeditions/YouTube Remix by Caterina Cox

Psychic claimed Bill Paxton connected with her in February to warn about potential ship ‘disaster’

'One thing he's showing me is some errors in judgment and construction.'


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 30, 2023

Parts of the OceanGate submersible that imploded and killed five people last week, including the CEO, were finally retrieved this week—and all the memes mostly stopped. But a clip of a psychic who claimed in February that Bill Paxton spoke to her from the spirit realm and warned her about a future ship disaster is going around now.

During a Feb. 14 episode of Gemma Lonsdale’s podcast The Happy Psychic, she claimed that actor Bill Paxton, who passed away in February 2017, had “stepped forward” with a “vision” of a “disaster that’s set to occur” involving a “ship that’s smaller than the Titanic,” though she also mentions a cruise ship. Lonsdale adds that Paxton, who appeared in Titanic as well as the documentary Ghosts of the Abyss, conveyed “errors of judgment” led to the disaster.

A two-part clip was posted to TikTok, where Lonsdale has more than 70,000 followers, but most of the comments are recent. In the longer YouTube clip from February, she says Paxton showed her the safety measures were not “sufficient,” which turned out to be true for the Titan submersible.

“One thing he’s not telling me is the outcome of this,” Lonsdale says, adding that “he is showing me the ship touching the ground.”

@gemmalonsdaleguru Bill Paxton has joined us for this weeks podcast to share a future vision of a ship that is set to sink. You can access the full podcast episode by clicking the link in my bio or search for ‘The Happy Psychic’ on Spotify or Apple. #psychicmedium #psychictok #psychictiktok #careerreading #psychicreadings #psychic #lovereading #romancereading #healthreading #mediumtok #mediumtiktok #mediumshipreadings #psychicsoftiktok #mediumsoftiktok #psychiclovereading #lovetarotreading #romancereadings #spiritualguidance #guidedbyspirit #spiritwisdom #futurevisions #predictions #2023predictions #billpaxton #titanic #thehappypsychic #thehappypsychicpodcast ♬ original sound – Gemma Lonsdale
@gemmalonsdaleguru Replying to @starryeyed #titansub #titan #titanicsub #titanic #titanic2023 #oceangate ♬ original sound – Gemma Lonsdale

Paxton apparently did not mention any of the side characters and sudden submersible experts who would emerge in the days after the sub went missing. We reached out to Lonsdale for comment, though she says in the YouTube comments of the episode that when she heard about the fate of the submersible, “My jaw dropped. I wasn’t really being given any real comprehension of what I was predicting at the time – not in terms of the level we were talking here.”

In more recent TikToks, Lonsdale claims deceased OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush connected with her, but commenters are a little more skeptical there.

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2023, 12:39 pm CDT