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‘Princess Switch 2’ includes a cameo from ‘A Christmas Prince’ characters—it made fans’ heads explode

Wait, what is going on in this film universe?


Tiffany Kelly

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Netflix’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again, its sequel to the 2018 film starring Vanessa Hudgens as two different people who happen to look exactly alike and switch places, introduces a third lookalike character. Yes, Hudgens plays three different characters and pulls it off surprisingly well. But it’s a surprise cameo from characters that exist in a different Netflix Christmas film series that is causing people to do a double-take. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

At the end of Princess Switch 2 (as the film will be referred to in the rest of this article), we see the audience at Queen Margaret Delacourt’s coronation. The camera quickly pans to the Queen and King of Aldovia, Amber and Richard (Rose McIver and Ben Lamb), and their baby girl—characters from Netflix’s A Christmas Prince trilogy. (The caption on the Netflix media photo of this scene confirms that it is indeed the Christmas Prince characters.) The crossover of characters from multiple Netflix Christmas films got people excited about a multiverse like the MCU, but it was also very confusing.

For starters, two characters in the first Princess Switch are looking for a Christmas movie to watch in one scene and stumble upon A Christmas Prince on Netflix. If A Christmas Prince is a fictional film on Netflix in this world, like it is for us, then how do the characters appear in Queen Margaret’s ceremony as real royalty? 

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‘A Christmas Prince,’ as shown in the first ‘Princess Switch’ film. Netflix

To add another level of confusion, The Knight Before Christmas, a 2019 Netflix film that also stars Vanessa Hudgens, appears to be in the same universe as A Christmas Prince because one of the characters mentions Aldovia. So if A Christmas Prince and The Knight Before Christmas are in the same universe, and Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince are also connected, that means….Vanessa Hudgens is playing (at least!) four characters in this universe of Christmas film.

Looks like we just figured out the plot for the next Princess Switch film. With four Vanessa Hudgens, there are a whole lot of switching opportunities.

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2020, 1:42 pm CST