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Someone is trying to sell rain from the day Prince passed away

If money is no object, we’ve found the object for you.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

There’s nothing like a celebrity death to present an opportunity to make some cash, right?

One opportunistic eBay user has decided to auction off a jar of rain from the day that Prince left this world—or, as the post describes it, a jar of “Purple Rain.”

The bidding begins at a mere $100, with the auction closing Thursday at 11:27pm.

The listing doesn’t give us much information about the rain. The item’s condition reads, “Rain form out side [sic] Paisley park, Minnesota. From 4/21/2016. passed away.”

Now, it definitely did rain in Prince’s home state the day he died. But can we be sure that these tears from the sky are legit?

Dancingdave04, the person behind the listing, doesn’t have much feedback on eBay, so we’d be wary before plunking down a Benjamin for this possibly counterfeit item. 

It’s a bit surprising people that aren’t taking the bait, though. Earlier in April, people were bidding up to $15,500 for bagged air from Kobe Bryant’s final game. Maybe the whole “dead” thing has people feeling a little guilty.

We can only imagine the level of shade Prince is throwing from beyond the grave.

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