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If there’s a Justin Bieber sex tape, Pornhub wants nothing to do with it

Basically, Pornhub, like the rest of the world, hates Justin Bieber.


EJ Dickson

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Streaming tube site Pornhub is far from a paragon of discretion and good taste. If there’s any doubt of that, log on right now and tell me the title of the first movie you see (mine is Sasha Know Gets Plastered in Jizz, directed by Vincente Minnelli and starring a pre-Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly).

So it’s kind of surprising to hear Pornhub VP Corey Price say that there is one hardcore porn vid his site refuses to touch: the rumored Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez sex tape. Why? Because the Biebs is horrible, basically.

Here’s Price’s statement to Famously:

If and when a Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez sex tape is leaked, Pornhub will not buy or license the video. It’s nothing against Selena Gomez, we just don’t approve of all of Bieber’s gross behavior–spitting on fans, driving dangerously and endangering people, and just being a real jerk. If you’re into celebrity sex tapes, you can check out Kim Kardashian’s, Pamela Anderson’s and Paris Hilton’s all on Pornhub, but you won’t find a Bieber’s.

Pornhub’s moral stance against a Bieber sex tape is… bizarre, to say the least. I mean, neither Paris Hilton nor Kim Kardashian are known for their politesse or their positive contributions to society, and yet you can still log onto Pornhub and see them enthusiastically bobbing on genitalia any ol’ day. In fact, it’s probably not a stretch to say that if World War II historians had discovered a sex tape featuring Hitler and Eva Braun at Berchtesgaarten, Pornhub would be all over that shiz.

Of course, that’s an unfair comparison to make, because there is no Berchtesgaarten sex tape, and Justin Bieber is obviously not Hitler. According to Pornhub, he’s worse. And while Pornhub taking a moral stance against a Bieber sex tape is a bit like a war criminal saying he’s cool with waterboarding prisoners but not electroshocking them, it’s kinda nice to see even one of the most seemingly morally bankrupt institutions drawing the line somewhere.

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