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#PopeBars and the holy lyrics that inspired the breakout Pope Francis meme

Bars for days.


Ziwe Fumudoh

Internet Culture

Pope Francis disappointed the hip-hop community when he dropped a prog album instead of the rap record he was born to make. But then #PopeBars started trending this week.

Armed with the perfectly positioned meme, the Internet decided to write bars for the pope creating the funniest and holiest raps in history. In line with the adage, “immature poets imitate, mature poets steal,” Twitter users picked lines from their favorite rap songs and blessed them with holy water.

Here is a list of the best #PopeBars tweets and the musical geniuses that influenced them:

Bow down for @FeministaJones’ exquisite use of Notorious B.I.G’s “Big Poppa.”

Here @ClintSmith masterfully samples Biggie Small’s “Juicy.”

@AndrewBloch understands that opportunity comes once in a lifetime by capitalizing on the only moment he’ll get Eminem and the pope to agree on Slim Shady’s hit “Lose Yourself.”

@DamonStCloud throws back to the late Tupac’s banger “Hit Em Up.”

@HeadcACE seizes an opportunity to channel Rick Ross’s aptly titled “Holy Ghost.”

Clearly @peraisakop had a moment of brilliance when he decided to steal from Jay Z’s “Moment of Clarity.”

And @TheCatWhisprer drop bars for all the Black Album fans with a reimagined “99 Problems.”

For @Flatbammy, Yeezy Season came early with his ode to Kanye West’s “Last Call.”

Much respect goes to @JamesLedwaba_ for shouting out Drake’s breakout diss record “Back To Back.”

And of course who could forget Drizzy’s “Forever.”

Stay tuned for the pope’s mixtape folks. If #PopeBars is any indication, it’s going to be #lit.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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