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Brace yourself for the most adorable pop-up Christmas card ever

This holiday card is too good to believe.


Rae Votta

Internet Culture

As holiday cards flood your inbox this season, we can guarantee none will be as inventive as this pop-up, animated card from BirdBox. 

The card, which is the size of a hardback book, features three adorable animated animals singing about the holidays, all while changing festive costumes. To top it all off, the card even shoots snow for the grande finale.

We want to believe this card is on the up-and-up, but it does come from animation studio BirdBox, which trades in adorable and subversive cartoons (check out a vodka commercial that ends in a double-murder!), so we’re pretty sure this card got some help from computer animation and it’s not something that could theoretically end up in our mailbox. But if BirdBox wants to send us a copy, we’d happily welcome it! ‘Tis the season of believing, after all.

Screengrab via BirdBox Studios/YouTube.

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