Australian restaurant’s Pokéburgers are almost too cute to eat

Pikachu has gone from the Pokémon Center to the grill.

Australian restaurant Down-N-Out is now cooking up burgers inspired by some of the most iconic Pokémon. Only available until Sept. 3, Pokémon fans can take a bite out of a Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Pikachu burger.

According to Mashable, diners will be served one of the savory treats randomly when they order the Pokéburger. Each one is a little different. The Bulbasaur burger has lots of greens, including pickles, the Charmander creation is a bit spicy with its volcanic cheese, and the Pikachu has fries along with some pointy ears.

This weeks burger special at @downnout_ is NEXT LEVEL! Follow @downnout_ for more updates 😘😍

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This isn’t the first time anime has found itself the muse for culinary experimentation. Earlier this year, a Sailor Moon-themed cafe opened up in Tokyo complete with a burger in the likeness of Sailor Moon’s Crystal Star

But the real question is: Can you take a bite out of one of these burgers with Pikachu staring back at you?

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Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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