Pippin, the face of @dog_rates, has died, and people are remembering their own pets on Twitter

Pippin was the best boy.

Dec 22, 2018, 10:20 am

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Elizabeth VanMetre 

Elizabeth VanMetre

pippin @dog_rates died


You’ll want to sit and stay for this news. Pippin, the face of @dog_rates, has died.

In an announcement posted on Twitter Friday, the owner of @dog_rates, Matt Nelson, said his death was due to “complications of old age.”

But he’ll live on with every post,” he tweeted.

The post includes pictures of the pup with a surprised look on his face. It was that perplexed look that caught Nelson’s attention at the beginning of his @dog_rates journey in 2015.

Nelson found Pippin’s headshot after a quick Google search. He was looking for the perfect image to encapsulate his account; when Nelson saw Pippin’s picture, he knew it was the one, he told BuzzFeed. Nelson licensed the photo, and when the account started gaining traction, Pippin’s owner reached out. 

“It’s such a weird relationship. He wasn’t my dog but he meant so much to my entire online community,” Nelson explained to BuzzFeed.

And that online community is vast. With over 7.5 million followers the account has grown, just like followers’ love for Pippin’s weird expression.

The loss has hit Twitter hard.

Many are hoping the good boy will say hello to their pets who have gone to the other side too.

“It’s crazy to think that one picture has turned into so much,” Nelson explained to BuzzFeed. “I’m just thankful the family has been so welcoming and such good sports to allow one picture to be turned into a brand.”

Rest easy, Pippin. Infinity/10. 

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*First Published: Dec 22, 2018, 10:20 am