You can help determine Pinterest’s next feature

On Pinterest's Support page, users are submitting and voting on potential new features for the site, including private boards and sub-boards. 


Lauren Rae Orsini

Internet Culture

Published Aug 27, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 12:09 pm CDT

Like most social networks, Pinterest is a work in progress. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, however, users will have a say in where it goes from here.

On Pinterest’s Support page, users are being asked to choose and vote on their top requests for features the site should implement in the future. All the suggestions are user-submitted, but the support page liaison, Aaron, is submitting them himself to preserve anonymity.

Comments are disabled, but the votes are rolling in. Here are the five most popular suggestions so far.

1) Warn me if I pin something twice

This is currently the most popular suggestion with 172 votes and counting. Hardcore pinners might have hundreds of images on the same board, and it’s a pain to scroll through all of them to remember if he or she has pinned that photo already. This feature would prevent boards full of duplicates.

2) Private boards

Private boards just might be the most long-awaited feature on Pinterest. But even as rumors abound and competitors introduce their own private boards, the feature has yet to materialize. With private boards, users could plan surprise parties, interior designers could share inspiration with just one or two clients, and pinners would have more power to share as much or as little as they’d like.

3) Block user

When another person follows you on Pinterest, you don’t have to follow them back or even look at their pins. If that person is a fake or spam account, however, not removing it will give you an inflated follower count. While it’s already possible to block pins for being spam, this feature would let people block users whom they find spammy or suspicious.

4) Reorganize pins

This suggestion is simple, so the possible implementations are endless. Would the site have an image-organizing tool like Flickr? Perhaps a way to drag and drop pins into different variations? Currently, pins are organized strictly by the date they were pinned, and the only thing users can adjust is which pin shows up as the board’s cover photo.

5) Sub-boards

If you’ve seen the blockbuster Inception, you’ll be familiar with what this suggestion wants Pinterest to do. Sub-boards would allow users to create boards within boards for an even more specific pin taxonomy. For example, you could have a Recipes board, and then embed a Desserts sub-board inside.

Check out all the ideas here. Which features will you vote for?

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*First Published: Aug 27, 2012, 12:49 pm CDT