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Screengrab via Oliver Turpin/YouTube

This miniature Jurassic Park is home to a fearsome pet tortoise

But how long until he escapes?


David Britton

Internet Culture

Louie, a Leopard Tortoise, has a pretty cool home thanks to his owner Oliver Turpin, whose name seems to be a mashup of a famous director and a homonym for terrapin, another word for turtle. (Coincidence… probably.)

Turpin built his little pal a miniature Jurassic Park to call home, complete with the iconic front gates, visitor center, and even a ripped-down fence with exposed grazing area.

It certainly looks cool, but lest we forget, Jurassic Park doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping its animals secure. You might be thinking that a tortoise is a little easier to keep in check than a hungry T-rex, or a group of crafty raptors, but try telling that to this guy:

Or this dude:

Yeah. That’s right. Never underestimate a reptile.

Still, if Louie is content to chill out and happily eat grass, maybe there’s nothing to worry about… for now.

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