Pepsi didn’t stop these riots at Berkeley

A lot of people were outraged by Pepsi’s now infamous commercial, where model Kendall Jenner seemingly heals a broken nation by handing a police officer a soft drink. But did all the naysayers even try it? Who can really say whether or not a Pepsi can actually end a protest, and bring both sides together over the sweet goodness of a refreshing carbonated beverage?

Well, comedian Vito Gesualdi can. He drove down to Berkeley, California, to see if he could help Trump supporters and antifa protestors figure out how to get along.

Following Jenner’s example, he picked up a few 12-packs of Pepsi on the way.

It wasn’t too long before he hit his first hurdle. Police didn’t want to allow him to bring the cans into the official protest area, because they were afraid they would be used as projectiles.

no cans allowed screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

Eventually Gesualdi managed to sneak a few cans into the protest, where he began trying to hand them out, but not everyone seemed super interested.

brawlers ignore pepsi screen grab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

smoke bomb and pepsi Screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

cop does not want a pepsi screegrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

Of course a few people did end up taking one.

camo hat guy takes pepsi screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

superdude wants a pepsi Screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

Including this guy who, um, well… used it as a projectile.

Eventually Gesualdi ran out of soda and decided to call it day, but then, perhaps magically, someone showed up and offered him a Pepsi.

Gesualdi gets a pepsi Screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

It appears hate is still winning, but the lovers ain’t done.

Gesualdi drinks a pepsi screengrab via Vito Gesualdi/YouTube

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David Britton

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