King penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo go crazy on their snow day

By now, most of us are sick of winter. We’re just done with it. Even those who normally enjoy the weather are starting to feel beaten down by the snow and the wind. But there are still some in the animal kingdom who take great pleasure in this miserable weather.

The king penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden live in temperatures that would chatter our teeth all year round, but they don’t always get to experience that cold with a bonus helping of snow. So when they were allowed outside after a recent snowfall, it was clearly a real treat.

Did the single-digit temperature bother them? Of course not. They just wanted to dive headfirst into the white wonderland and and make snow angels—or would that be snow penguins? Regardless, they clearly had the time of their lives, and while it won’t make us anymore likely to dive back into the snow, we’ll still watch from the comfort of our homes. 

Screengrab via The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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