Passengers get stuck in a self-driving car


‘Do you need me to take over’: Passengers get stuck in a self-driving car

‘New fear unlocked.’


Melody Heald

Internet Culture

Posted on Aug 10, 2023

Self-driving cars are slowly becoming popular, expecting it make up 12% of car registrations by 2030. A whopping 68% of people are afraid of self-driving cars. A popular podcast duo confirmed this fear while documenting their adventure of allegedly getting stuck in a self-driving car.

The video featured a popular podcast duo Mike and Pat who run the TikTok account @crashdummiespodcast. Mike filmed themselves inside the backseat of a car. “Yo, you know where you going?” Pat asked the car. Then, Mike shifted the camera to the front seat to the steering wheel turning by itself onto the street.

“Yo, yo, what the f*ck? Yo, who the f*ck driving?” Pat panicked.

Afterward, the two contacted customer service through the touch screen in the back of the car. “I think we’re stuck,” Mike said.

Once they were connecting to the rider’s support, a woman answered. “Hi, rider. This is Lori with Way More Rider Support. You press the urgent support button. Do you need me to call 9-1-1?”

“No, not 9-1-1 but we stuck though,” Pat responded. As Lori “checked” on their situation. However, Pat asked her, “Do you need me to take over?”

“No,” she said.

While waiting for assistance, Pat decided to freestyle his “new mixtape,” dedicated to Lori.”

“I used to be in pay mode. Now I’m stuck on the side of the street in the Waymo. Dollars, I got way mo.” Next, Pat freestyled another song but this time, using Lori’s name.

“I’m sorry, Lori. I’m caught in the flurry. If we have a kid and I don’t know it’s mine, we gonna take it on Maury.” “I just want the car inside,” Mike said. “Oh, no. I think a car is honking at us,” Pat concluded the video.

The Daily Dot reached out to @crashdummiespodcast via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video racked up 754,000 views as of Thursday, unlocking a new fear in viewers.

“No way they stuck on the side of the road never getting in one of them,” one viewer wrote.

“New fear unlocked. Being stuck in a driverless vehicle,” a second commented.

In addition, some shared what they would’ve done in Lori’s shoes.

“[Not gonna lie], if I heard that ‘mixtape’ I’m leaving you stuck in the car. You gotta come better than that,” one user joked.

“I couldn’t be Lori, I’d be laughing too hard because he’s is tripping,” a second person said.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 8:54 pm CDT