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Facebook unveils Timeline worldwide
Users can now scroll through their social past, one post, picture, and comment at a time. 
Reddit Digest: December 15, 2011
Everything you wanted to know about Reddit—but were to afraid to ask—can be found somewhere in this daily digest. 
A meme is born in the face of a 7-year-old
When Aaron Wallace posted a photo of his young brother-in-law last year, he had no idea that he was creating a new form of art—sort of.
Who is a person of interest on Pinterest?
Spotting trends and influential users isn't as easy as you'd expect on the popular, image-sharing network. 
.xxx doesn’t mark the spot for cybersquatters
Planning a porny version of CNBC or the Huffington Post using ".xxx"? Think again. The domain-name cops are yanking your registration.
Reddit Digest: December 14, 2011
Could Reddit be destoyed? The daily digest has the answer. 
Best Roomy Ever has the golden touch on Craigslist
Using a compelling combination of wit and profanity, Wade Cothran revived his Internet stardom by quickly selling a couch on Craigslist. 
Parodists occupy Wells Fargo’s new private bank
With Wall Street occupied and bankers in disregard, Wells Fargo should have been more careful in securing an online home for its new wealth-management arm, Abbot Downing.
[Exclusive] LiveJournal to track and promote popular communities
A forthcoming new feature will make LiveJournal's front page similar to that of Reddit, with popular community entries prominently displayed and regularly updated. 
Reddit’s Secret Santa ensures a merry Christmas
Reddit's holiday gift exchange offers far more than knitted sweaters and ornaments—at least for one thankful user of the social news site.
A guide for the changes—and response to—#newtwitter
How have Twitter users responded to the platform's new format? That depends on how you spell "ew."
LiveJournal under attack—but is only minimally disrupted
LiveJournal is experiencing a denial of service attack. Members in Russia will notice more than members in the United States.
Better, stronger, harder YouTube parodies of Rick Perry
More than 200,000 YouTubers have disliked the Texas governor's latest political ad. Here are our favorite parodies offering comedic relief.
From scumbag Steve to 60s Spiderman, the year in memes
The historians at Know Your Meme compiled this handy guide to the top memes of 2011. How do they stack up?
Timeline is finally here
Facebook's  controversial new look is finally being rolled out—and so far, complaints are minimal.
12 Days of Etsy: A dog toy in every stocking
Every dog has its day, and this Etsy seller wants that day to be Christmas.
Fus Ro Dah: A quick guide to Skyrim memes
Here's a meme guide for novice gamers who have yet to take an arrow to the knee.
Real or Onion? On Twitter, you can’t tell
A new iPhone app makes light of people's inability to distinguish serious news from satire.