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Hitler hates Carmageddon, too
Filmmakers spoof Carmageddon. 
iYogi caught in web of upvote spam
Reddit spammers beware: It doesn’t matter how intricate your scheme is -- you will likely be caught.
In pizza veritas: Reddit charity gets verification system
Charity on the web can be a risky businesses, especially on a pseudonymous forum like social news site Reddit.
A purrfect remix of “eHarmony Video Bio”
How do you top the comic gold of "eHarmony Video Bio"? Turn it into a danceable pop confection.
Barring the gate for trolls
A new "block" feature for private messages should make things harder for those who seek thrills by annoying users on Reddit, the social news site.
Why we all went loco for LOLCaseys
The Internet is working to one-up itself in a game of inappropriateness, using Casey Anthony as its canvas. By attempting to meme-ify her, has society hit a new low? Or, is this simply a case of Lolcats gone LolCaseys?
Going on an image diet
A popular Reddit forum is going to try to find humor without images.
sxephil vs. TheAmazingAtheist
YouTubers go after each other with parodies.
The slowest 140 characters you’ll ever read
When a small platoon of turtles shut down the runway at Kennedy International Airport Wednesday morning in search of a place to lay eggs, dozens of news organizations took to the web and Twitter to report on the reptiles.
What’s a community of millions worth? Half a buck each
Once-leading social networking site MySpace is sold for $35 million.
Requests for pizza turn out half-baked
A pizza giveaway on Reddit, meant to help those in need of food or cheer, has drawn the attention of marijuana fans on the site.
“First World Problems”: Exclusive interview
The Daily Dot talks to Zach, the 17-year-old YouTube phenomenon behind the "First World Problems Rap."
The future is in beta—and now, so are you
The Daily Dot opens its virtual doors to a select group of testers. You're welcome, guinea pigs.
Tom Hanks’ Onion appeal
A funny man is supporting a funny paper.
Why new domains don’t matter to .you or .me
Alternatives to familiar .com and .net domain names will take years to roll out—and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
We’re in beta!
As we prepare for a private beta, the Daily Dot's CEO considers how media products need to evolve.
Three new engineers, millions of new users
Reddit is hiring to serve its growing community.
Meet the Carrie Bradshaw of Tumblr
18-year-old Yana fashionista is the microblogging site's most reblogged user.